Sunday, February 5, 2012

And again I'm still love you :')

How I suppose to forget you if we're in the same class together, smile each other and all. Man, I love you so much. SO MUCH! I couldn't run away from this. I couldn't run away from my own feelings. Today, in the windy evening, I hope so much that you would come to padang depan sekolah, not because to play badminton together but I have a confession to say out to you. Yes, I do wanna say I love you INFRONT OF YOU, FACE TO FACE. Baya bet me I won't say that but she should believe that I will say it. But the sadden is YOU. You didn't came. My friend said you not in a perfect condition, so okay. I accept it as a fate. Everything that I planned must went to nothing. BUT. I won't quit. If I still live on tomorrow and the next day and on, there's still a chance for me to tell you about my confession. I don't mind of your responses of my confession, I will accept it with all my sincere. But I beg you, to not hate me after that.

This year, me and my friends do went out a lot. And it always be awesome days to me cause you know what? Because there's YOU. You shine my days, man. Your laugh, Your hair, Your smile...get into me till I'm asleep and everytime before I went to sleep, I wished that it's you, in my every sweet dreams. And fyi, I'm crying here typing all this emotion things. Lols. But what to say, girls do easily cry on something/someone their loves. That's a truly fact. And now, you should accept this fact, that I love you so much till my last breath, Insya'allah.

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