Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Free from "love"

heya my baby boo readers, haha gediks sikit harini harap maap :)

so talk about from the title above, "Free from "love"" it means about boys. Ya know, i'm not les so...okay. since i broke up with A, i felt stronger to be single and all but then, i don't know what's on my mind actually till i have been couple w Z. haha that's the shortest relation i've ever had. k nevermind. it'll be like an experience to me.

and so on, this year, it's not that i don't believe that love exist, No. i believe love do exist and forever exist but not to me for now. yes, i still have a lil bit feelings to that p.b guy but it seems to get less and lesser and lesser. maybe it's time for me to forget about crush things for awhile and be focus on my upcoming exam and pmr. now i use word "love" to everybody. Firstly, i do and forever love Allah. second, my parents. third, myself. forth, my family and my cousins. fifth, my friendsss. sixth, my twitter and blogs. seventh, the earth and all. 

see? the word "love" to crush is not into me right now. it's getting lesser. but "love" to everybody was yes, absolutely yesssssss. am i changed? i don't know but i don't think i've changed cos i still got my ugly-louder-laugh. as long as that ULL is with me, then, you know me. I'm Ninie!

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